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ABH Ukraine Company, the Shareholder of Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), Successfully Registered the Next Issue of Eurobonds in the Amount of EUR 30 million

September 08, 2016. TAG: Financial Services

On September 8, 2016, ABH Ukraine Company, the sole shareholder of Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) which owns 100% of the bank’s shares, has issued Eurobonds in the amount of EUR 30 million, with a coupon profit of 7.5 % per annum, quarterly coupon, and repayment in 2018. Eurobonds were issued with due account for the rules outlined in Regulation S of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

This Eurobond issue was the fourth such issue of ABH Ukraine Company over the last 12 months and the first issue denominated in Euro. The successful placement of Eurobonds issued in December 2015, April and August 2016, as well as continued strong investor demand for the current issue speak for the consistently high confidence of the investment community in the financial instruments of Alfa Banking Group (represented by ABH Holdings S.A.).

“The fourth successful Eurobond issue in less than 12 months speaks for a consistently high demand of the investment community for Alfa-Bank (Ukraine’s) debt instruments denominated in both US dollars and Euro. This allows us to speak not only about the high confidence of market participants in the shareholders of Alfa Group, but also about the effective support of plans for the banking business development in Ukraine. Herewith, the current issues of Eurobonds by our bank are instrumental in preparing the ground for planning the next issue in late 2016-early 2017,” noted Rushan Khvesyuk, Chief Executive Officer of Alfa-Bank (Ukraine).

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Alfa-Bank Ukraine PJSC is a major Ukrainian commercial bank with international capital, forming a part of ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH), a Luxembourg-based private investment holding company. The holding company has investments in a number of banking groups operating in Europe and the CIS area. Thus operating companies (banks) of ABHH are located in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Netherlands. ABHH’s owners are Mikhaіl Fridman with a 36.47% stake of shares, German Khan – 23.27% (both are citizens of Israel residing in London), Aleksei Kuzmichev – 18.12% , Petr Aven – 13.76%, Andrei Kosogov – 4.08% (all three are Russian citizens residing in Moscow), as well as The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research holding a 4,03% stake.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)

ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) is a privately owned Luxembourg-based investment holding company investing into several banking groups in the CIS and Europe. ABHH includes Alfa-Bank (Russia), Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), PJSC “Ukrsotsbank” (Ukraine), Alfa-Bank (Belarus), Alfa-Bank (Kazakhstan) and Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), registered in Ukraine in January 2001, ranks among the largest banks in Ukraine. Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) operates in all key sectors of the banking sphere.