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Alfa-Bank Ukraine Paid First Interest on Series M Indexed Bonds

February 02, 2015. TAG: Financial Services

Alfa-Bank Ukraine announced that the first interest on Series M bonds was paid in time and in full. The interest was paid on 28 January 2015 according to the registered prospectus.

Series M bonds issue is valued at UAH 500 million and has a three-year maturity (through 25 October 2017). The bonds feature an annual put option. An interest income on Series M bonds consist of basic income and an additional income in the form of indexation of the USD rate. The coupon rate on Series M bonds for the first year will be 10% per annum. An interest income will be payable quarterly. The next interest income payment dates will be 27-29 April 2015.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)

ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) is a privately owned Luxembourg-based investment holding company investing into several banking groups in the CIS and Europe. ABHH includes Alfa-Bank (Russia), Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), Ukrsotsbank (Ukraine), Alfa-Bank (Belarus), Alfa-Bank (Kazakhstan) and Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), registered in Ukraine in January 2001, ranks among the largest banks in Ukraine. Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) operates in all key sectors of the banking sphere.