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Seminar in Saratov

September 19, 2006. TAG: Oil & Gas

On September 15, a seminar “TNK-BP and State Authorities: Efficient Partnership of Business and Authorities” was held in the Saratov Region. Representatives of TNK-BP Management from Moscow, TNK-BP West Siberia, TNK-BP Orenburg, and state authorities from the regions of Company presence came to Saratov to take part in this seminar.

The round table meeting of the seminar was participated by Alexander Gorshkov, Vice President, Russian Government Relations Division, TNK-BP; Vladimir Grabovsky, Director of TNK-BP Orenburg; Oleg Nam, Director of TNK-BP West Siberia; Vladimir Meshkov, Director of TNK-BP Povolzhye, other representatives of the Company Management, and Gaji Amirov, Deputy Head of Government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area; Sergey Degtyar, Deputy Governor of the Tyumen Region; Boris Speransky, Deputy Head of Government of the Orenburg Region; heads of the municipalities of Nizhnevartovsk, Raduzhnoe, Buzuluk, etc.; and Alexei Scherbakov, Deputy Head of Government of the Saratov Region.

“Being a socially oriented company, TNK-BP pays much attention to interaction and cooperation with state authorities in the regions of its presence,” said Alexander Gorshkov in his opening speech. The specific nature of each region and the level of TNK-BP industrial activities in it shaped the forms of interaction and cooperation of business and authorities, but a number of fundamental approaches to partnership remained intact. These approaches were first worked out in Nizhnevartovsk, the capital of TNK-BP, where the Company produces approximately 70% of its oil. From here, the Company’s experience of interacting with authorities was exported to other regions.

“In fact, TNK-BP contributes to the development of practically all social sphere, including culture, sports, healthcare, and many other fields. We exchanged our impressions and ideas at this meeting and found many new and interesting directions of activities that will benefit the Company and the administrations and population of the regions of our business presence,” noted Vladimir Grabovsky, Vice President of TNK-BP and Director of TNK-BP Orenburg.

“TNK-BP brings stability to every city and region of its presence,” said Oleg Nam, Vice President of TNK-BP and Director of TNK-BP West Siberia. “Good remuneration, favorable conditions for labor, recreation and rehabilitation, participation in residential construction, care about the young generation, on the one hand, and integration of international environmental and industrial standards and oil production growth, on the other hand, forms a good attitude to the Company and makes people feel comfortably.”

Alexei Scherbakov, Deputy Head of Government of the Saratov Region, expressed his hope that TNK-BP, which does so much to the benefit of the Saratov Region, will cooperate with the regional administration in a number of vital issues, including, in particular, limitation of gasoline price growth and fuel supply to agricultural producers at privileged prices.


TNK-BP is one of the largest vertically integrated Russian oil and gas companies. In 2011, average daily oil production totaled 1.99 million barrels per day (including a 50% interest of Slavneft and Venezuela assets). TNK-BP operates five refineries (four in Russia and one in Ukraine) and nearly 1,388 branded retail outlets (including Ukraine and Belarus).

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