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TNK-BP and NGOs Meet to Discuss Kovykta Gas Transportation Routes

November 08, 2006. TAG: Oil & Gas

TNK-BP today announced it had held around table meeting in Moscow on November 1, 2006, with representatives from TNK-BP, BP, RUSIA Petroleum, FRECOM, Stroitransgaz as well as international, Russian and regional non-governmental organizations: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)  Russia, Greenpeace  Russia, International Socioeconomic Union, Ecocenter “Zapovedniki”, Non-Commercial Partnership ”Transparent World”, The Conservation Center, Russia’s Birds Protection Union, Green Patrol, Baikal Environmental Wave, and Buryatia Regional Association on Baikal.

The meeting focused on environmental issues related to potential routes for Kovykta gas transportation as well as preparation of independent studies aimed at examining and assessing various Kovykta gas transport options – those already considered by TNK-BP and other potential alternatives – taking into account socio-economic risks and investment efficiency. The NGO’s stated their belief that this work might serve as a basis for reasoned discussions of issues related to development of the new East Siberian oil-and-gas province involving producers, consumers and community leaders.

NGO representatives mentioned the relatively high level of information transparency during the project design stage, as well as TNK-BP’s intention to increase the quality of Kovykta project environmental support through comprehensive analysis of social and environmental risks. At the same time, ecologists voiced a number of concerns regarding the technical side of the project implementation. In their opinion, independent public monitoring could help reduce the probability of these concerns in the future.

The participants agreed that the round table will be the first in a series of future meetings that will allow TNK-BP to inform NGO’s of its plans and current activities. Such meetings will also help environmental organizations to implement public monitoring activities thus ensuring that all East-Siberian projects implemented by TNK-BP, meet environmental requirements at all project stages.

Press-release was approved by Round table participants.


TNK-BP is one of the largest vertically integrated Russian oil and gas companies. In 2011, average daily oil production totaled 1.99 million barrels per day (including a 50% interest of Slavneft and Venezuela assets). TNK-BP operates five refineries (four in Russia and one in Ukraine) and nearly 1,388 branded retail outlets (including Ukraine and Belarus).

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