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TNK-BP: Performance Leader

August 08, 2008. TAG: Oil & Gas

Short-term perfomance indicators

The numbers tell the story. In 2008 TNK-BP had a record first half in terms of incone, return on capital, shareholder value and taxes.

Long-term perfomance indicators

Since inception, TNK-BP delivered record perfomance in the industry in terms of production, reserves growth, shareholder return.*

Highest reserve replacement rate

Highest production growth

Highest total cash distribution to shareholders


US $80 billion in taxes, duties and excises paid through end H1 2008.

*Through end 2007.

**Exxon Mobil, RD Shell, Chevron, Conoco Phillipa, BP, Total, Eni.


TNK-BP is one of the largest vertically integrated Russian oil and gas companies. In 2011, average daily oil production totaled 1.99 million barrels per day (including a 50% interest of Slavneft and Venezuela assets). TNK-BP operates five refineries (four in Russia and one in Ukraine) and nearly 1,388 branded retail outlets (including Ukraine and Belarus).

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