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Alfa-Bank Ukraine Rankes Second Most Efficient Bank in Ukraine

February 11, 2013. TAG: Financial Services

Rankings recently published by Forbes Ukraine show that Alfa-Bank Ukraine is well ahead of most of its competitors in terms of business return.

Efficiency was determined using four indicators, and based on publicly available financial information submitted during the first three quarters of 2012:

1. return on assets (RoA) (net profit/assets)

2. return on equity (RoE) (net profit/equity)

3. efficiency ratio (operating expenses/operating incomes)

4. net interest margin (net interest income/earning assets)

To account for banks’ risk tolerance capital adequacy (equity/assets) was also part of the survey.

Alfa-Bank ranked second in overall bank efficiency, just shy of first, though it was the rankings leader in the sub-category of business risks mitigation.

Forbes research proved that Alfa-Bank is well ahead of most of its competitors in business return, and Alfa-Bank also yielded maximum grades in terms of RoA and RoE, as well as net interest margin.

Mr. Aleksandr Lukanov, President of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, commented on the research, “Ukraine’s current economic environment hardly gives a lot of room for high rates in bank transactions growth. In this highly competitive surrounding, the only successful participants are those with a clear understanding of the local situation, and those that manage risks realistically and implement cutting-edge systems. These are by themselves big competitive advantages in Ukraine’s saturated banking market, and bring a lot of value to business and greatly improve the quality of customer care.

”Forbes is US-based magazine focused on finance and business, and is among the most respected business periodicals worldwide. The Ukrainian edition has been published since March 2011, and is considered one of nation’s leading business media. Apart from publishing purely analytical materials, the magazine rates various industries and businesses on a regular basis. “Ukraine’s 20 Most Efficient Banks” is the first of its kind produced by Forbes Ukraine .

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)

ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) is a privately owned Luxembourg-based investment holding company investing into several banking groups in the CIS and Europe. ABHH includes Alfa-Bank (Russia), Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), Ukrsotsbank (Ukraine), Alfa-Bank (Belarus), Alfa-Bank (Kazakhstan) and Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), registered in Ukraine in January 2001, ranks among the largest banks in Ukraine. Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) operates in all key sectors of the banking sphere.